Ms. Daniela Di Giovanni - Alba Bra Langhe & Roero

1) Please tell something about your organization and your key achievements & benefits you provide.
The mission of Ente Turismo Alba Bra Langhe e Roero is to promote the Langhe and Roero areas (in south of Piedmont) through fairs, workshops, promotional events in Italy and in other countries. We also develop tourism projects to improve the quality of our services. We organize educational tour for journalist and tour operators too, to help them get to know the territory better.

2) What are the top 3 most valuable benefits visitors can expect if they plan a visit to the destination and organization you represent?
The 3 most important touristic attractions in the Langhe and Roero areas are:

  • The food and wine culture (white truffle, Barolo and Barbaresco wine, cheeses and in general cuisine).
  • The landscape where you can admire vineyard-covered hillsides and ancient castles.
  • The Italian lifestyle.

3) Most of our readers are vegetarian. They don’t eat meat, fish or eggs. Do you have facilities for vegetarian food near the popular tourist destinations?
There aren’t structures that caterer specifically to vegetarians however many typical dishes from the areas revolve around vegetables.

4) Which are the websites in English that gives information about destination and various tourist attractions?,,

5) Do you find that Asian Indians visit often visit the destination that you represent?
At the time we don’t have many Asian Indians visitors but the Region of Piedmont has just recently started promoting in your area.

6) Do you provide an online facility or blogging platform for visitors to leave their experience?
Yes, we have our website ( where visitors can talk about their experience by filling out questionnaire.

7) What opportunities do you provide to experienced travel & hotel entrepreneurs to invest? Is there any website or Govt. agency responsible for channeling investments?
In Piedmont there is a Govt. agency called CEIP (Agency for Investment, Export and Tourism) that is responsible for channelling investments.

8) Has the current global economic downturn impacted the flow of tourists? How are you dealing with this situation?
The global economic downturn has reduced the flow of tourists, but this change has not greatly effected the revenue.

9) What does most visitors and guests enjoy the most when they visit your destination?
Like mentioned in the second question:

  • The food and wine culture
  • The landscape
  • The Italian lifestyle

10) Are you using Wikipedia, Social Media Network & other Web2.0 tools to boost the flow of tourists?
I’m working to do it.

11) Which are the popular trade-shows, conferences and events for travel professionals?
Set up to develop congress tourism in the area of the Langhe and Roero, in keeping with the strategic approach of the Piedmont Region, the Alba Bra Convention Bureau consortium was founded by front line players in the promotion of the local area and the selected tourist facilities.

Alba Bra Convention Bureau was set up to promote the area of Langhe and Roero hills and south Piedmont as a charming location for small meetings, events and incentive travels in prestigious settings ranging from castles to wineries, from theatres to country villas. The activity is focused entirely on raising the profile of an area brimming with history, nature and celebrated culinary traditions, with tailored services of the highest standard.

12) Which are the websites for associations representing hotels, tour operations and travel agents?

13) What is the best way an American visitor can plan a trip to your destination?
Contact local tour operators.


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