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1) Please tell something about your organization, key achievements and benefits you provide to global hoteliers?
BP: A large portion of the music played in hotels and spas around the world is from the U.S. which supplies the majority of the music services for common areas as well as private label products. Water Music Records has its stamp on many CDs, music download cards and common area music playing in various properties around the world from Las Vegas to New York, from Mexico to Brazil and from Europe to Dubai.

We have worked with some of the leading hoteliers in the world such as Oberoi, Four Seasons, Destination Hotels, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton, Bellagio, MGM, Leading Hotels Of The World and others.

2) How has the economy downturn affected your business? What steps have your taken to help hoteliers in this economy? Any special deal, discount, or offer?
Yes, there has been a significant downturn in the U.S. market that hopefully bottomed out and has started to recover this Fall. It has been a tough time over here with investment capital in short supply and the consumer dollar spending habits down 10-20%. Just last week consumer spending rose slightly so we may be turning to the upside in travel by the summer, fingers crossed. In the meantime to help hoteliers and spas feel more comfortable working with us, we lowered our minimum project orders for music CDs, DVDs and music download cards to 250 and even 100 units, for the first time ever. The smallest order previously available on Water Music Records - Private Label was 500.

3) What do you see as the future of Hotel industry? What major trends will impact hotel business in coming 20 years?
I see a return to quality at an affordable price with the "NOW" factor coming into favor as technology forges ahead of customer service and do it yourself. For example, I have a client in the USA that wants to keep track of every music song played everyday in his large hotel so that if a guest hears a track at any hour, he or she can call the front desk, get the name of it and go online and download it directly. That is the ultimate in technology meeting customer service head-on. That same hotel plans to have a large selection of music CDs in its retail stores soon as well for convenience when people are in the mood for music.

4) What benefits and key advantages you offer over competition? Why should over readers consider doing business with you?
There are a few key advantages Water Music Records - Private Label holds over its competition:
1. Our minimums for private label CDs and other branded music products are lower than most (100 units).
2. Our prices tend to be about 20%-35% lower than competitors in the USA but also for Australia & Canada.
3. We offer common area music to hotels and spas without a monthly fee and that it rare.

5) Do you provide E-commerce or online payment facility? Can our readers book your products or services online?
Yes, we have the ability to handle payments by PAYPAL and also major credit cards when hotels and spas want to place orders for branded music products or common area music on hard drive. And, with our new download card program, the client can pay the small fee for the cards on Paypal and the albums are downloaded all online and paid for by guests who decide to purchase the full album of music, after receiving their free track online via the card they were given at check-in.

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