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1) Please tell something about your organization, key achievements & benefits you provide to Asian Indian Hoteliers?
Watco Manufacturing Company is celebrating 40 years in the bath waste and overflow business in 2010. We are the bath waste specialists, it is what we do all day long, every day, help people install and repair bath wastes and overflows.

The bath tub drain is one of the areas in a hotel room that receives significant wear and tear daily.

Not only is it subject to damage from water and soap products, but chemicals that are used to scour and kill bacteria can destroy the finish on the drain quickly. There are many cleaners on the market that contain as much as 20% hydrochloric or phosphoric acid. If these chemicals are not diluted according to the manufacturer’s instructions or flushed off the chrome finish thoroughly, they will pit or score the chrome making it unsightly. Cleaners with abrasives can also damage chrome .

I travel extensively promoting and selling Watco products. Being in the tub drain business, the first thing I do when I check in a hotel is look at the bathtub. It is amazing the number of tubs that have tub drains and stoppers that are corroded or not functioning properly. I have talked with the maintenance engineer or owner in many hotels. They usually have no idea what brand bath waste they have installed or who to call to get replacement parts. One maintenance engineer took me to his shop and showed me a pile of parts he had purchased over a 6 month period trying to find what he needed to repair his tub drains.

Tub drains are not easy to repair. When repairs are necessary, if you don’t know what components are used in that tub, it could take hours and a lot of money to deal with the problem.

The traditional way to repair the strainer body and stopper is to unscrew it from the tub and thread another one back in. This can result in cross threading or damaging the tub when replacing the strainer body. Also, the drain fitting can move out of line due to being stressed during installation. There is a possibility it could result in a leak which can become very expensive if not caught and repaired right away. To repair the leak could require cutting into the sheetrock, replacing the fittings, then repairing and painting the sheetrock. Not only would the expense of the repair become a burden, but the loss of revenue from the room rental could be a major impact to your pocketbook.

The best way to repair a tub drain is with Watco’s QuickTrim® or NuFit®. These products allow you to quickly repair a strainer body without removing it and risking all the problems that can occur.

QuickTrim® installs quickly with o-rings and is designed to fit Watco strainer bodies. This allows you to keep your tub drains in great shape quickly and efficiently if any damage occurs.

NuFit® is designed to fit almost any strainer body. It installs with a tough, long lasting silicone sealant. Any tub drain and overflow can be quickly repaired and restored to “brand new” in a few minutes without risking damage to the fittings or causing a leak.

Watco also produces complete trim kits to replace and repair any strainer body or overflow plate. If you need to replace the entire strainer body, make sure you install Watco. From that point on, you can repair it in minutes with Watco QuickTrim® kits.

2) What can the our readers expect from you when they approach you. What are your promises to them?
Watco ships product in one to two working days from our manufacturing facility in Independence, MO near Kansas City. Being centrally located in the U.S. allows us to get Watco products to our customers extremely fast. We have stocking distributors in most cities in the U.S. and Canada. All products are built to order and carefully monitored for fit, finish and quality so that you get what you order and it works every time. Our team of customer service experts are a phone call away and can help you quickly and efficiently solve any problem with your tub waste and overflows. With Watco, you get what you order quickly, it is packed correctly and you won’t have missing parts or pieces that won’t fit. Once Watco is installed in your hotel, if you need a replacement part, even years from now, we will be here and our components will fit perfectly.

3) How has economy downturn affected your business? What steps you are doing to help hoteliers in this economy? Any special deal, discount, offer...
The downturn in the economy has shifted our traditional business from mostly new construction to mostly repair and remodel. There are approximately 300 million existing tubs in North America and every one of those tubs needs a repair kit several times in their life. Our focus has been on making tub owners aware of the ease of repairing their tub drains and overflows with Watco products.
If you would like a sample of one of our QuickTrim® or NuFit® tub repair products, please give us a call at 800-821-8576. You can also purchase Nutfits online at

Watco also offers a complete system of bath waste and overflow products for new construction that results in a lower total installed costs and reduction of callbacks. If you have a new project, specify Watco for a trouble free installation and the ease of keeping your tubs looking new at all times.

4) What do you see as the future of Hotel industry? What major trends will impact hotel business in coming 20 years?
I see a bright future for the Hotel Industry. I believe many new types of hotels will be developed for the needs of the public. More pod type hotels will be designed and built in close proximity to airports for people that just need a place to sleep for a few hours. Hotels will be built as destinations for families with entertainment opportunities for the entire family. There will be more choices for people to select a hotel that offers them just what they need and doesn’t require them to pay for something they do not use. Even though some hotels are installing more rooms with just showers for business travelers, there will always be the need for bath tubs, for children and for people that just want to relax and soak after a long day.

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