Mr. Perry Bigelow- Kommunity Kiosk, Inc (KKI).

1) Please tell something about your organization, key achievements and benefits you provide to global hoteliers?
Kommunity Kiosk, Inc (KKI) a NJ company, formed in 1996, is becoming the leader and name brand in the hotel information directory industry. Our proprietary interactive touch screen kiosk system offers the hotel staff more efficiency and the guests an enhanced experience when it comes to local information 3 to 5 miles around the hotel.

In 2009, KKI has initiated an aggressive national expansion, offering kiosks to single hotels (meeting some very minimal qualifications), at no cost to the hotel… In addition, KKI offers a unique and substantial annual revenue sharing “residual commission” to the hotel, in return for long term retention of the kiosk in their front lobby.

2) How has the economy downturn affected your business? What steps have your taken to help hoteliers in this economy? Any special deal, discount, or offer?
The economic downturn is unfortunate for some businesses, however at KKI, we have found it to be a springboard for our success. Our kiosk system provides a huge cost saving to any hotel, by allowing the front desk staff more time to process guest requests and service their needs, without having to do simple tasks like providing directions to the airport, local restaurants or shops, or answer questions about what a guest wants to eat for dinner. The automated, interactive kiosk will provide 90% of that information, leaving the staff to simply provide their “endorsement” of the establishment as a personal referral. This results in hotel not needing additional staff during peak times of the day (check in and check out), minimizing their overhead and increasing profits.

Our offer is simple…we provide the kiosk hardware, software, a printer, ongoing maintenance and support…to a hotel who meets our minimum standards. In addition, KKI local reps will contact the local businesses to inform them of the new system, provide them with information about how to secure inexpensive sponsorships (about $10 a week) on the kiosk and increase their business from the hotel, which results in additional or increased referrals. This not only assists the hotel in providing an enhanced guest experience, but the local businesses more business, greater than a map or in room book ad. In this economy, everyone is looking for “outside the box” ways to increase sales.

As a benefit and service to the hotel, KKI provides, FREE, local information (provided by the hotel) such as; hospitals, museums, beaches, local attractions…all with printable directions (and a reference map) for the guest to find their way to the location and back to the hotel…making the front desk staff more efficient and productive.

For an example what a kiosk would look like (with your local information included) click or visit:

3) What do you see as the future of Hotel industry? What major trends will impact hotel business in coming 20 years?
We find that the hotel guest is looking for a more “high tech” interaction, trusting what they see on a screen more than human interaction, referral or an old fashioned in-room book. They want their information fast, robust, without opinion and presented in a professional manner, which will enhance their experience and make it more enjoyable.

The in-room books have there purpose (emergency info, hotel info etc), however, it is commonplace for the experienced traveler to go the front desk to get information on where to “eat, play or shop” locally. Our feeling is, why not provide that information in a consistent, user friendly, efficient, professional manner…our surveys have found that when guests have used one of our kiosks on a previous stay at a hotel they come back to that hotel, because of their excellent experience.

Just as the internet has impacted the hotel industry in the past 10 years, it will continue to do so in the years to come. There was a time that all hotels had an local information channel and if you waited long enough you could view the entire loop. In the not to distant future, that information on the in-room TV, with the help of the internet, will become interactive. KKI is ready today for when that day comes.

4) What benefits and key advantages could you offer over the competition? Why should our readers consider doing business with you?
KKI is becoming the leader in this industry, with hundreds of kiosks placed around the country. Our competition, if any, is usually a local, regionally based system provider, where from our experience, we have never encountered a system that didn’t have flaws, failures or glitches. Otherwise, the competition is a high priced equipment provider, with limited services or support, usually unavailable price wise to the mid size or smaller hotels.

Our major advantages are:

  • We provide local representatives to acquire sponsorships from the local businesses, exposing the local flair and flavor of the community.
  • We provide same or next day service for maintenance, as needed.
  • Our system is very simple to use, with a user friendly interface, which is unintimidating and easy for anyone (young or old) to use.
  • We don’t require any fees or out of pocket expenses for the hotel to get a system.
  • We provide a residual, annual commission to the hotel for retention of the system.

5) Do you provide E-commerce or online payment facility? Can our readers book your products or services online?
We can be contacted for more information at

For more information: Call: 973-334-4696 Fax: 973-453-8494 or Visit

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