Pamela L. Gideon-Hawke, President - GIDEON GALLERY, LTD.

1) Please tell something about your organization, key achievements and benefits you provide to global hoteliers?
We have been in the Hospitality Industry for 35 years and have worked with Hoteliers all over the world. We understand design concepts, time lines and budgets and provide unique opportunities for our clients to customize their interiors and exteriors from our large library of images not seen anywhere else. They won't see themselves duplicated in other projects.
It is unique to the project and themes are our particular specialty. Once the art has been selected, it is taken off sale so no one else has access to it.

2) How has the economy downturn affected your business?
Some projects have been put on hold, especially in Gaming. Time Shares are going forward because the funds are available from the Home Owners Associations.

3) What steps have your taken to help hoteliers in this economy?
Since we own our artwork, we can reproduce our pieces to save money for guestrooms, without fear of copyright infringements. We can also value engineer our mouldings to look like gold leaf and fine wood, although they are made of other components.

We have developed a mirror frame that attaches directly to existing mirrors. Consequently, the need to remove the existing unframed mirror to upgrade is not necessary. This can be done with the Engineering Dept. on staff and does not require an installation service. This now eliminates the removal of the unframed mirror, wall damage and possible injury. We now have 25 mouldings prepared to accomplish this.

4) Any special deal, discount, or offer?
With our Mirage Mirror Frame, there are special discounts for quantity, as well as special pricing for quantity art and framing.

5) What do you see as the future of Hotel industry?
I believe that the recovery will start on the East Coast of the United States and travel West. California, Nevada and Hawaii being the last to recover. Outside of the United States, such as the United Kingdom, governments are asking their people to stay home and vacation in their own Countries. I witnessed this in England and Scotland very recently. Consequently, the local hotels are booking up.

In Las Vegas, there are over 15,600 new rooms being added and not enough planes landing to fill them. The levels are consistent with 2004 figures. Some of the existing hotels, such as the Golden Nugget downtown are adding 500 new rooms. I believe the airlines will be raising their rates to help offset the drop, thus decreasing this even more.

With the significant downturn in the economy, driving to Las Vegas has become expensive, as well. Therefore, Californian's are reluctant to drive as frequently as they had before, for a weekend there.

There will be a recovery, of course, but I doubt it will be in 2010. Most Hoteliers are taking a wait-and-see stance.

6) What major trends will impact hotel business in coming 20 years?
"Greening", of course. The new term to control our environment. More "Family Friendly" offerings. The business traveler will be cutting back on travel expenses and their choice of accommodations will be less expensive, should they indeed, even need to travel. With teleconferencing, this will eventually be cut in half.

It will be necessary for all Hoteliers to provide free Internet services. Some are offering it now and their revenue is showing it. Why pay to stay where this is not provided free of charge.

7) What benefits and key advantages you offer over competition? Why should over readers consider doing business with you?
We own our own enormous image library so there is no need to worry about copyrights if an image needs to be enlarged or colour changed. We also frame from the "value conscience" to the hand carved gold leaf.

Using our own images we have produced outside umbrellas, pillows and cushions, cabanas and outdoor art. We feel you are only limited by your imagination.

8) Do you provide E-commerce or online payment facility? Can our readers book your products or services online?
Our website is informational only. We do, however, offer Visa and Mastercard.

We believe in "real time" relationships with our clientele. We need to know what they are thinking and the direction they are going in. Again, our artwork will be exclusive to the property, no matter how it is used; walls, umbrellas, cabanas, etc. Once an image or images have been selected and a frame chosen, we go forward from there. We work from CD's sent by Internet or mail.

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