Mr. Bob Shingler - President Evo, Inc.

1) Please tell something about your organization, key achievements and benefits you provide to global hoteliers?
Evo started in October 2000 with a major paradigm shift product – our outdoor circular flattop display cooking appliance. I think your industrious readers will relate to the story of Evo’s evolution. Literally born in my garage, the concept has expanded over the years through hard work and the support of family and friends into a full line of patented products for indoor and outdoor application for both the commercial and residential user.
Over the years we have achieved acclaim for being a pioneer in social, live-action cooking and a trend setter in the focus on fresh-prepared foods. Evo may be found today in corporate dining centers (e.g. Microsoft, Google) and upscale grocers (e.g. Whole Foods), yet our commercial line has its initial roots in the hotel/resort industry. Evo continues to be deployed by properties of Hilton, Hyatt, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton, Disney, and more, here in the U.S. and around the world.
What we offer the global hotelier is a presentation platform for the front-of-house, allowing a connection between the guest, the foods being prepared, and the chef creating the meal. Our iconic design is very classy, and invites the diner to share in the sights, sounds and aromas of fresh prepared foods. Evo’s cooking versatility also allows for a wide menu option, enhancing the event by allowing both traditional cultural fare and non-standard items. [Example: see photo of chef cooking Indian flatbreads at an event in San Francisco.] We revel in the fact Evo brings the joys of an intimate home party to a hospitality event.

2) How has the economy downturn affected your business? What steps have your taken to help hoteliers in this economy? Any special deal, discount, or offer?
The world economic downturn has slowed our rate of growth, but we are fortunate in that Evo products continue to be in increasing demand because we offer solutions needed by hoteliers even in these tough times. Evo equipment has a strong return-on-investment due to the high operating efficiency of the units, the expanded food production capability, and the reduced labor costs associated with utilizing them. So when capital budgets are slashed to the bone, Evo still makes the most sense for the few investment dollars left.
Even more so, Evo flattops provide a way to generate additional revenue. The “eatertainment” value attracts new clients, and the enhanced dining experience brings guests back again. Frankly, we help hoteliers get a bigger piece of the shrinking pie.

Evo works through a wide network of commercial equipment dealers around the world. These independent partners may be offering individual discount programs so check with your equipment source. For our part, Evo is holding the line on costs and not making price increases.

3) What do you see as the future of Hotel industry? What major trends will impact hotel business in coming 20 years?
We feel confident that the economy will rebound soon and the hospitality industry will start to grow again. People enjoy traveling – seeing new lands, experiencing new tastes, interacting with our neighbors around the world. The hotel industry plays a vital role in housing visitors from another city.

A major trend I see impacting the hotel business is the continued shift towards guests wanting the sense of “home away from home”. Successful hotels have made adjustments to their room accommodations with more comfortable beds and nicer seating areas. The next demand to address is food service. The impact is going to be about giving diners choices, over how their food is prepared and the ingredients used, which live action cooking accommodates. Evo has developed its line of equipment to help the savvy hotelier make this transition, whether at the breakfast parlor or in the banquet hall.

4) What benefits and key advantages you offer over competition? Why should over readers consider doing business with you?
Evo has the distinct advantage of offering our customers products that are unique in their design and application, while unparalleled in their functionality and impact. We are leaders in so many ways – from environmental benefit to dining enjoyment – that I can not list them all here! May I suggest readers explore our web site at and discover how we might serve their particular needs.

5) Do you provide E-commerce or online payment facility? Can our readers book your products or services online?
Evo products are used all over the world, so freight becomes the main distinguishing factor on purchases, which doesn’t easily lend itself to E-commerce. We work with our distribution and freight carrier partners to determine the best way to provide delivered value to our users. You can learn a lot about cooking with Evo on-line, yet you are welcome to contact us directly with your inquiries (

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