Mr. Merle McCormick-General Manager Amtrend

1) Please tell something about your organization, key achievements and benefits you provide to global hoteliers.
Amtrend is a 30 year old company located in Fullerton California. It is privately owned and is a Certified MBE. We are a major supplier of US made furniture to the Hospitality and Restaurant Industry.
Amtrend has a 50,000 square foot facility and a staff of 90 and we service our client Nationwide for this location.Our key achievement is that we have increased the business and have become approved and contracted with most of the major hotel and restaurant chains in the United States.

Since our furniture is made in the US we are able to offer excellent lead times in comparison to imports and we are able to be competitive in pricing.

2) How has the economy downturn affected your business, what steps have you taken to help hoteliers in this economy, any special deals, discounts or offers.
The downturn in the economy has had an effect globally and it has changed the way all manufactures are doing business today. The downturn has affected our business but we have been able to keep things at a constant level with our diverse business clients.
There are very few steps that can be taken to help hoteliers but we always pass on any savings that we receive from our vendors. We always give the best pricing available and we do not have any special deals. We do offer discounts on multiple orders for different locations.

3) What do you see as the future of Hotel Industry? What major trends will impact hotel business in coming 20 years?
I think the future if pretty bright based on all of the press releases that I read. People are still traveling and staying in hotels and I think this will continue to be the normal. I think that once the panic and money situation has settled down things will get better. There may never be the unlimited spending that we have seen recently but I think people will be wiser about where they travel and where they stay. If a hotel is up to date and looks good people will stay and if the service is good they will return.
I think the Green Movement will be one of the driving forces behind changes in the coming years. I also think people are taking more trips for shorter periods of time.

4) What benefits and key advantages you offer over competition? Why should our readers consider doing business with you?
Amtrend offers not only hotel seating but also booths and banquettes and we also offer the nationwide service of refurbishing and reupholstery.

Our products are US made and we offer shorter lead times and we control the quality and we are here to offer excellent customer service. They can also visit the factory and see their products being made. We do shop drawings for approval on all of our products and we do all of the finishing in our factory and can match designers samples for finishes.

5) Do you provide E-commerce or online payment facility. Can our readers book your products or services online?
No we do not provide E-commerce or payment facility on line. We do have the ability to receive CAD files and drawings online to avoid the process of shipping drawings.

Clients can send Purchase Orders and drawings on line but since all of our products are custom made to clients or designers specifications we do not have a catalogue for clients to choose from. We do have standards developed for most of our major clients and their programs. The only thing that varies is the fabrics or the vinyl.

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