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Mr. Kristijan Grzetic - Adriatica Group of Croatia

1) Please tell something about your organization and your key achievements & benefits you provide.
In the field of leisure travel Group has over the last period established its leadership position and demonstrated an excellent strategy in delivering sustainable growth. From, a small online travel agency that offered private accommodation in Croatia, it has developed into Group, a leading company in the travel industry of Southeast Europe, while at the same time crossing the boundaries and exploring new possibilities and thus developing a proper framework for interesting new opportunities.

Today our business performs strongly, whether it is online travel services or package tours. The Group’s tourism division covers the entire travel chain - from bookings and organisation to flights and accommodation in a number of states across Europe, through Group’s tour operators placing and selling products in different distribution channels, either our own retail network, independent travel agents or online travel services of the Group. Many of the world leading tour operators and travel agencies have chosen Group as their incoming agent partner in various European countries, which is an additional confirmation of our quality.

At the end of 2008 Group employed over 1300 people, thus ensuring first class services to over 1.8 million customers in 26 countries of the world, with the turnover over 400 million euro. Our final goal is to create an efficient and flexible organization providing an added value service to our customers and ensuring long-term competitive advantage.

Our strategy has remained the same - we continue to build our position as the leading travel company in the region and we set up the new standards of success, with a strong presence in the global tourist industry. We offer both specialist and mainstream products and we are able to cater to a wide range of customers and find the perfect solution for all their needs. Inexhaustible enthusiasm of our people is the foundation of our success, and we can be satisfied only when the job is superbly done. The passion and commitment of our colleagues helps us with producing innovative solutions. The satisfaction of our customers and partners is our ultimate success.

2) What are the top 3 most valuable benefits visitors can expect if they plan a visit to the destination and organization you represent?
1. Efficient and flexible organization of any kind of travelling (business or leisure)
2. Ability to cater a wide range of customers, for the best possible proportion of the invested money for the received value.
3. Quick, safe and efficient booking system for the clients, enabling them to book our services online.

3) Most of our readers are vegetarian. They don’t eat meat, fish or eggs. Do you have facilities for vegetarian food near the popular tourist destinations?
If our clients require such service, we can always arrange for them, at the hotel they are staying at, to be catered properly.

4) Which are the websites in English that gives information about destination and various tourist attractions?
Our website, , is translated in 12 languages, and it offers services, as well as information about destinations in all those languages, so in English as well.

5) Do you provide an online facility or blogging platform for visitors to leave their experience?
Yes, this is a very useful source of information – the comments that our guests leave are very useful for our further improvement, i.e. for improving the quality of our services.

6) What opportunities do you provide to experienced travel & hotel entrepreneurs to invest? Is there any website or Govt. agency responsible for channeling investments?
Since we are a tourist agency, we only intermediate between hotels and resorts (sometimes destinations) and guests, so that investments are not our primary interest.

7) What advertising & marketing method you use to reach out to potential tourists and investors? Which medium is the most effective medium?
We apply different sorts of strategies – a mix of classic advertising, online advertising and public relations activities. All together they make an effective medium.

8) Has the current global economic downturn impacted the flow of tourists? How are you dealing with this situation?
Inti Raymi sis in June and Quoyoriti is in May. Both are traditional Andean / Inca festivals. Plus many religious festivals. There are a LOT of festivals in Cusco and the area.

9) What is the best way an American visitor can plan a trip to your destination?
The best way is to visit our website and come and see us in Cusco! We give independent travel advice on the best services on offer!

10) What are the most popular festivals or events for general tourists?
As for Croatian coast – Dubrovnik Summer Festival, taking place every summer.

11) Which are the popular trade-shows, conferences and events for travel professionals?
Different tourist trade shows, and conferences held by major companies (e.g. Microsoft)

12) What is the best way an American visitor can plan a trip to your destination?
We would suggest to visit our website, browse the offer, and in case of not being sure whether this would be satisfying, the guests can contact us either via email or via telephone to get additional information needed.


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