Cyberweb receives patent for neuroscience based online review responses.
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Cyberweb receives patent for neuroscience based online review responses.
Cyberweb receives patent for neuroscience based online review responses.

Article Date: May 27, 2019

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Online reviews can make or break any business. This is especially true in the hospitality industry. Millions of guests write online hotel reviews. Almost 90 % of guests refer to online reviews before booking a hotel. It is important for businesses and especially hotel owners to understand and respond to reviews in a timely manner. The present invention named as “RreviewTER Magical Response” is the world’s most effective method to understand and respond to online reviews.

With Cyberweb’s Magical Response system, the hotel owner can improve guest satisfaction which in turn improves Tripadvsor rating, Rating and general reviews/rating on brand’s website. Improved rating on OTA and brand website, significantly improves occupancy rate, ADR, RevPAR, hotel’s overall topline revenue, profitability and overall value of the hotel property.

Cyberweb Hotel, LLC with its offices in Tampa-Florida, Delaware and Illinois received confirmation for provisional patent related to cutting-edge business method and software tool to track & respond to online reviews. Patent application was prepared and filed by America’s experienced IP attorney Richard Eldredge of Eldredge Law Firm.

Mr. Richard stated, “Mr. Hiten Bhuta has successfully filed Provisional Patent application for ReviewTER Magical Response system which represents a significant contribution to the hospitality industry. We did not find any patented software product or business method similar to this invention. The software tool is currently in beta testing and current users of the software have expressed satisfaction with the results. Franchisees of Wyndham Worldwide and Choice Hotels have tested the system and acknowledged its effectiveness.”

The present invention involves 9-step brain-science based methodology to create work-process, software or artificial intelligence tool to understand and respond to online reviews. 9-Step Communication Protocol is created to develop effective methodology, tools, software and artificial intelligence based program to understand, comprehend customer’s reviews and suggest most relevant Response based on advanced discoveries in brain-science based communication protocol that satisfies the customer.

Here is the brain science behind the sequence of negative reviews:

1)      Guests walk with some expectations

2)      Guests expectations are not fulfilled

3)      Guests Experience Negative Emotion. Emotion is triggered because guests either feel lack of control or feel they are unfairly treated.

4)      Amygdala in Guest’s brain gets triggered. Guest’s brain fully records the negative experience with emotional charge because of Amygdala activation.

5)      Guest’s brain is in Fight or Flight Mode

6)      Guest’s Amygdala activated brain decides to fight back by posting negative response and alerting other guests to avoid the hotel.

Cyberweb’s invention is effective in suggesting the best methodology to calm down guest’s agitation and build hotel’s brand and respect. Advance neuroscience based response is created by using proprietary semantics sequence, words, terminology and custom-response that fully addresses guests concerns and complaints.

Copy of patent attorney letter and confirmation receipt from US Patent and Trademark Office is available on links below:

Letter Of Support from Wyndham and Choice Franchisees:

Attorney Letter:

Provisional Patent Confirmation:

Cyberweb continues to provide innovative leadership to build positive experience for millions of guests and supporting over 1000 hotel owners to achieve a new level of success.

Cyberweb has created a suite of outstanding software tools and business solutions package that make a vital difference in hotel owner’s business and success.

To know more about Cyberweb’s patent-pending methodology and achieve in-depth knowledge of online review management, set-up no-obligation, 15-minutes free consulting call with Cyberweb’s reputation experts by calling 302-351-2434 or sending an email to


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