Avoid financial penalty from brands and OTA
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Avoid financial penalty from brands and OTA
Avoid financial penalty from brands and OTA

Article Date: May 24, 2019 - Sep 30, 2021

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Author Name: Priti Kamble


This is a guest post from Cyberweb Hotels to introduce their online review and response solutions
All Hotel brands, OTAs and franchisers take online reviews seriously. If you don’t respond to online reviews, you will be charged a penalty. You will receive penalty charges in your next monthly franchise fees statement. If you are not careful in responding, these penalty charges will keep increasing.
Most smart hoteliers will confirm that it is a good idea to allow professionals to track and respond to reviews.
The key benefits of professional responses are as follows:
1) Calm, patient and detached response:
Most managers get emotionally engaged and hurt when there is a negative or unfair review. They write long response justifying the hotel’s actions. This is not helpful. Guests who post negative reviews want to hurt hotel and take you down for a mud-fight. Don’t go there. 
Professional agencies such as Cyberweb Hotel, LLC have trained team members in responding to each review in calm, patient and detached manner. It is easy to provoke general manager or hotel staff with false accusation or unfair comment. In contrast, Cyberweb team will respond to each review with grace, serenity and patience.
2) Unique, customized and effective response:
Cyberweb Hotel team prepares and posts unique, customized and effective response for each review. Every review is fully understood. We fully comprehend guest’s core complaints and compliments. We respond in a way that elevates hotel’s brand. There are no copy and paste responses. Every response is unique and effective.
3) No week-end. No holiday. No vacation. All responses posted in time:
If you have left the task of responding to reviews on a single person, you are  heading for trouble. Even the most competent front desk manager or general manager will need to take holiday or sick leave  or go on a vacation. Reviews can appear on expedia, booking.com, google, brand website or any other OTA. What will happen if your general manager is on leave? Your brand status will immediately collapse. It is dangerous to rely on one person to manage critical reviews on so many different websites.
Cyberweb Hotel has a team of 80 full-time, fully trained in-house staff members and access to over 500+ contract staff members. Our entire team will never go on a vacation. We are ready to serve 24 x 7.
You will never get a penalty once you assign responsibility to us.
Take immediate steps to protect yourself and protect your hotel brand.
1) Respond to this email and set-up time for a FREE consultation with our Online Review Management experts. Or you can call 302-351-2434 and set-up time for consultation.
2) Read the testimonials of our clients, go online and verify the quality of our responses, notice tremendous improvement in brand perception of our clients.
3) Call our clients and speak with them to get greater understanding of our work. Start with one property to see the results. 
Every moment of delay is costing you.
Respond to this message now or call us today to set-up free consultation call.
Visit www.cyberwebhotels.com ; send email to pritik@cyberwebhotels.com or call 302-351-2434

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