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Readers almost 3000 of them are wanna to hotel property owners what fittings and satisfied with the success that they have. What is the message that you will give them all at the three actions they can take to take their success to the next level.

Sure, I didn't know you're recording me, but yes. So if you want three things, uh, I can only speak for myself, right? Started with one hotel and I thought that's all I was ever going to do when I had to have a two. That's all I was ever going to do. And I'm three. I said that's all I was ever going to do. So number one, you've got to have a passion. You've got to love what you do, right? You can't be great at something.

You don't love it too simple on my background, I'm an engineer and I didn't really care for it too much and best friend became my watch. Couldn't wait till lunchtime, couldn't wait till 5:00 to go home. Now I wake up every morning and I absolutely love what I do. When you love something, so much is going to be better. So number two, you've got to think big. Dream big because nothing big is ever going to happen, right? Thinking small or dreaming small.

So I always say our greatest danger is that we aim too low and we reach it all right? Instead of going for the sky, now that's fine. If you only want two hotels or three hotels, there's nothing wrong with that and so, but if you want to grow, then you've got to think bigger and believing in yourself that you could do it right? And the third thing, this is a people business, not real estate. That's where people make the mistake. So you got a great culture, a service culture of people first and get the right people and take care of those people and said, great example of the type of company you want to be.

when you think big, there is element of risk in the element of fear. how we're deal with that fear.?

So there's always fear and there's always. There's always risks and rewards and there's always fear. But I think as you grow and you've done it enough and proven enough right when I had 1 hotel, I want to get 30, you know, so I wanted to two when I had 2 I want to do 3 like five I want to do 7, you know, so it's just a risk changes over time as you know. So yes.

The thing about the hotel our readers of our magazine he has 2 hotels he see an opportunity, but he's stopped by the fear that how could you detail him?

I can't put myself in that person's situation. Right? So everybody's different. Everybody's unique. I, number one, you've got to meet that confidence. That'd be confident that you had to. You got to be successful at those two before you do the third. I think the biggest mistake is you should think big, but don't go straight from two to 30, you know, it takes time. It took 21 years for us to get to where we are at. So you've got to be patient.


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