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Hi Elyse Curtis, good morning to you

Good morning.

Yeah. Why don't you tell us more about Travel Click, what is Travel Click?

Travel Click is a technology company that helps hotels and getting more revenue for their properties. Primarily what we started our business was in data. So we have exclusive relationships with all of the brands and on a night-by-night basis. We receive every piece of data that comes through the brands.

What we do on the back end is we do things the data and make an apples to apples. For example, a Hyatt Hotel may classify a reservation as a airline crew room where Marriott might classify it as a group room to travel. Click does is we make them the same on the back end and then we publish the data in a report format so a hotel can subscribe to a report and it shows them how their hotel is performing, looking into the future for one year.


on a night by night basis. They can, they can see how their occupancy, their ADR and their REV PAR compares to their comp set hotels. very much like a forward-looking start report.
So that's where we, we began our business and then we also have a website design video SEO, which nobody else is doing right now.

PPC, remarketing and we have a best in class of booking engine called I hotelier for independent hotels and then a CRM platform as well. So we have a lot of different solutions.

And how much does it cost? your service a subscription service for the paperwork, the data.

We have a rate card which we're happy to share. but it depends on the star class of the hotel. and within the data, family of reports we have the one I just shared with you. And then we also have a rate shopping tool which is the only sanction one in the industry.

Then we have a third tool which is called agency 360 in that really helps the hotel and understand their GDS business. so they can see what travel agents are bringing business to their property and they can see what travel agents are giving their competitors business and they can contact them and refer some of that business to their hotel. So it helps them increase their GDS business as well, and all of those, depending on obviously the size of the property and the star class.

Got it.
Can you share an example of any of your clients whose use your services? You said you help hotels get more revenue to.

Yes sure.

Can you use some specific examples?

I am in Orlando, I'm based in Orlando, but I handle Atlanta and Orlando. I've got several hotel owners, um, in sort of the Hampton Inn class of properties that has subscribed to the demand 306, which is that first report.

and with demand 360, they were able to look and see that they were taking too much, OTA business too much. Expedia business, their comp set was much less, the contribution was much less and they needed business over a certain time period, but they already saw that they were taking too much of a discount. So they were able to pull out their discounts.

and run a promotion with Hilton that help them drive more of their website business, their brand dot campuses, which gave them a higher ADR in a row. So it was about a $7,000 incremental increase over a three-day period.

ohh three-day period

yeah. so it was really, really beneficial to the property and the subscription for a Hampton is probably between 2 and $2,500 a year. So that one decision pay for the entire subscription.

yeah, I understand

Yeah, we've got a couple of other hotels to use. The agency 360, where they were able to see that there were some corporate accounts coming into their market that we're not using their hotel, but they could see that they were using their competitor hotels and they were coming in under the corporate negotiated code, meaning that they had an established corporate rate. So they call the travel agent.

found out who was coming and they were able to set up another rate and shift some of that business to the hotel.

That’s lovely
so yeah when the these reports come every morning ahhh the hotel owner or the general manager is to look at it and make all his decision about the rate about the co-operate accounts and then they have to take the action.

they do. So we provide the reports and there's two ways to get the records so you can have an email to you and then you can also go into our cloud based platform and look at them. Any time you like, you can run it in real time and see the data.

So you just give the data, the data actionable


what to do, whom to call?

is on the hotel

is on the on the hotel, you don't give the training to


to the hotelier or their staffs to do this?

Yes, we do. We have an online training center where you can do self-paced courses or instructor led and then travel Clicks season based unique in our industry. We have regional people in market like myself and so I handle Atlanta and Orlando and if I have an Atlanta hotel it says at least I'd like for you to come on property and show my team in person. I can come up here and I'll do the training. with No charge.

and you give the training before you sell the subscription or after you sell the subscription.?

while I'm selling the subscription we would do an online demo and I would walk through every part of subscript, every part of the tool and show them exactly what the data looks like and how they would use it. And then once they sign up then they can either do the training themselves online or I can come in and do additional training for them and their teams on.

And how much time does it take?

I mean, I was a user when I was a customer of Travel Click and I will tell you that a revenue manager might need an hour to learn how to use a tool at general manager might only want to take a look at it 10 minutes a week.

because the general manager can see how I look for the next 30 days, the next 60 days in the next 90 right in the first screen of the tool.

and then they can call the revenue manager and say, Hey, I think we have a problem. If you have a manager that would go in and do a more deeper analysis of where the problem lies and how they can fix it.

And how much time does it take?

I mean, I was a user when I was a customer of Travel Click and I will tell you that a revenue manager might need an hour to learn how to use a tool at general manager might only want to take a look at it 10 minutes a week.

okay but this will be ahh this tool would be more useful to a premium property. Or You did also use for the economy. Brand like to superaid or Howard Johnson or Darren

those are little bit more challenging and I'll tell you why. because usually the mean time the booking mean time is much shorter.
So tools like ours that look in to the future for a year may not be established at all.
but really it’s more of that select service class and then on up to the more luxury properties. Those are the ones that find the most benefit.
and your clients which are the brands and the clients use you’re that constitute the maximum number of plaintiffs.

Marriott and Hilton huge users Hyatt, huge users. We just signed a deal with the person reservoir so and now.

okay name is changed already or same now.

yes, already changed hahaha, since we signed them.

ohh yeah 5th march, I took an interview in gangrene yesterday


the brand is sold to a Bradison I mean to a Chinese group of investors, and then though they'll change the name to breadison

we also have ACS as a partner of ours. In fact, just last week here in Atlanta, I did a lunch event where I invited all the IHG's in Atlanta. We had about 30 people.

they came and we just trained. They brought their laptops and I showed them how to use the tools that even better than the early raising intelligently

That’s nice, and do you have any ahhh promotional offer, the discount off of a hundred conference for your subscriptions?

not for hunter, but throughout the year we do. We work really closely with our brand partners, so throughout the year we'll offer a special. Like right now we have an IHG and halcyon promotion. so that if they want to sign up with us before the end of March, we're able to give them a little discount depending on the tool they want.

okay, And do you have a trial offer? Thirty day’s free trial, try before you buy?

for the ray chaplumchu, we do for demand 360 agency. We don't because the data is so valuable that for someone to have it for 30 days. They could do so much with it, and then they would not have to pay for it, but the rate shopping until we do have a free 30-day trial.

Thank you so much for your time Elyssa and we shall the best.

Thank you, with my pleasure!


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